Chiefs are fast and fearless

The squad was selected following a shortened senior competition. Some who follow footy in Nauru say this is the best Chiefs team ever assembled, a big statement given the quality of past teams.

The Chiefs have been training together for the last two months, under first-time coach Zac Temaki, who was selected for the role after guiding the Magpies to their first AFL Nauru premiership earlier this year and the Nauru side to the under-15 Oceania Cup in 2015 and 2016.

Nauru has taken part in the last three AFL International Cups and has been super-competitive on each occasion. In 2014, the Chiefs came agonisingly close to upsetting Ireland in the early rounds and it was their only loss for the tournament.

This year, the Chiefs are primed and ready to fire on all cylinders. They are eager to make a big impact and to entertain the footy community in Melbourne with their exciting brand of fast, skilful and fearless footy.

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Round 1: Nauru v New Zealand – Sunday 6th August (Royal Park, Park Street, Parkville)
Round 2: Nauru v Papua New Guinea – Wednesday 9th August (Mount Clear, Ballarat)
Round 3: Nauru v France – Saturday 12th August (Kew)
Round 4: Nauru v Canada – Tuesday 15th August (Royal Park, Park Street, Parkville)

Bronco Deidenang – Kangaroos
Yoshi Harris – Magpies
Kenneth Oppenheimer – Magpies
Aykers Daniel – Bulldogs
Joeson Kanimea – Kangaroos
Trent Depaune – Cats
Tipung Kamtaura – Bombers
Donatello Moses – Bulldogs
Jencke Jeremiah – Hawks
Richmond Spanner – Magpies
Mikey Hiram – Kangaroos
Mallinson Batsiua – Magpies
Darnel Diema – Hawks
Patrick Agadio – Bulldogs
Dave Mwaredaga – Magpies
Agir Nenabo Amwano – Bombers
Kais Tatum – Bombers
German Grundler – Bombers
Tiana Waidubu – Cats
Charles Dagiaro – Kangaroos
Jose TripleJ-Jems Uepa – Bulldogs
David Japheth Adeang – Cats
Jeremiah Gil Kam – Hawks
Devine Agir – Bulldogs
Teolime Kamtaura – Magpies
Tama Jeremiah – Magpies
Niga Haulangi – Bulldogs
Shawnkemp Maaki – Cats
Ishmael Fritz – Hawks
Mick Vorbach – Bombers