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The role of AFI Caribbean is to grow and develop Australian Football in the region, with a focus on junior development. Our outcomes in each country include:

Participation – introducing the sport to encourage participation at the grassroots level, with a focus on youth and community development.

Education – coaching the coaches and teaching the teachers. Our accreditation courses will give sports teachers and coaches the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to teach the game to their students.

Employment – creating opportunities to fund a full-time Regional Manager to grow and develop the game in the Caribbean.

Talent – creating an annual AFI Caribbean Combine where talented athletes have the opportunity to showcase their talent and, if selected, play in Australia.

National Team – giving the best players in each country the opportunity to compete against other countries in the region.

Barbados | Dominica | Jamaica | Saint Kitts & Nevis | Trindad & Tobago

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Antigua & Barbuda | Aruba | Bahamas | British Virgin Islands | Cayman Islands | Cuba | Curacao | Dominican Republic | Grenada | Guadeloupe | Haiti | Martinique | Montserrat | Puerto Rico | Saint Barthelemy | Saint Lucia | Saint Vincent & The Grenadines | Sint Maarten | Turks & Caicos Islands | US Virgin Islands

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