Community Engagement

Community Engagement AFL

AFI has a long history of working with multicultural communities in Australia.

Our flagship program in this area is the Harmony Cup, an annual event which is held in Melbourne.

Since 2004 we have worked with many communities in Australia to establish teams, including Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oromia, Poland, Samoa, South Sudan, Spain, Switzerland, Tonga, Turkey, Vietnam and Wales.

We are currently in the process of establishing new community teams. Social media has proved essential in helping to create new teams and strong people-to-people links.

Macedonia Suns AFL Team Greece AFL Team Africa AFL team

Team Wales AFL Dutch Lions AFL Chilean Condors AFL team

Team Lebanon AFL Team Israel Albania AFL Team

India players AFL Oromia players AFL Switzerland players AFL

team-italy-players Team Indonesia Ireland

Team Croatia Samoa players AFL Tonga players AFL

Turkey players AFL United Nations players AFL Team Australia players AFL

Team Brazil AFL team-argentina team-new-zealand

Poland players AFL Spanish players AFL Team Harmony players AFL

Australia players AFL Malta players AFL Israel players AFL