Player Sponsorship


Keen to help grow the game in South America but need some help to raise the funds? These sponsorship packages have been put together to assist you.

How they work: Once you have found a sponsor, set aside the required amount to pay for the sponsor’s benefits – the rest is yours to put towards the cost of the trip!

For example, let’s say you find a Bronze Sponsor ($250). As you have promised your sponsor a Convicts jumper, you will need to set aside $50 to cover the cost. The remaining money goes towards your trip. For Silver ($500) and Gold Sponsors ($1,000) the required amounts are $150 and $250 respectively.

A small tip. Think of all the people you know who are involved in a small business. Don’t be afraid to approach them or your local club for support – they are usually happy to support you!


* Official Australian Convicts Jumper
* Acknowledgement as a Bronze Sponsor on the AFI website


* Team Photo & Certificate of Appreciation
* Official Australian Convicts Jumper
* Australian Convicts polo shirt
* Acknowledgement as a Silver Sponsor on the AFI website


* Team Photo & Certificate of Appreciation
* 2 x Official Australian Convicts Jumpers
* Australian Convicts polo shirt
* Australian Convicts cap
* Official Chile Jumper
* Official Australian Convicts Football
* Acknowledgement as a Gold Sponsor on the AFI website