Fiji seek assistance

AFL Fiji is working to send its senior men’s (Fiji Tribe) and women’s (Fiji Vonu) teams to Melbourne in order to compete against 17 other countries for the AFL International Cup. The tournament will run from 9-23 August. All team members are Fijian and must pay their own way to Australia. Fiji is a developing country and our players are not well-off by Australian standards, largely playing in old, second-hand boots each week for example. Despite significant fundraising efforts in Fiji, they require further assistance in order to realise their International Cup dreams. Corporate sponsorship has been difficult in a country dominated by the rugby codes.

The players have worked hard to raise money for airfares, but we particularly need help to pay for accommodation, transport and living expenses during the tournament. If you are able to assist the Fijians you support would be very much appreciated, just go to their Online Donation page. Thank you!