AFI Global Club

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Thanks to the explosion in growth of the world’s greatest game, Australian Football is now played in over 50 countries.

We would like to invite your club to be a part of this exciting growth. Creating strong people-to-people links are vital for the future growth and sustainability of our great game.

How does it work?
If your club is interested in supporting the international growth of Australian Football, we would love to hear from you.

Your club can nominate which country or region you would like to be involved in. You may already have a connection to that particular country or region. Or you may simply be keen to make a difference by helping grow our great game in Africa.

What are some of the Opportunities?
There are many great opportunities to be involved, just some of which include:

  • Kicking goals on and off the field by helping to grow Footy in Africa
  • Traveling with the Convicts to South Africa to play matches and conduct junior coaching clinics
  • Introducing the game to schools in the Pacific
  • Participating in AFI events such as the Harmony Cup and World 9s
  • Recruiting international players to your club
  • Promoting your club on the international stage

If your club would like to join the AFI Global Club network, please contact us via email – Membership of the network is free and we look forward to hearing from you.