AFI Strategic Plan

AFI Strategic Plan

2020 – 2040

Australian Football International (AFI) has been established as a body to develop the game of Australian Football internationally, with particular focus on Footy 9s and community programs. Our aim is to empower people and communities through sport. Our long term objective is to secure the inclusion of Footy 9s in the 2040 Olympic Games.

Please find below our 2020 – 2040 Strategic Plan

1. Introduction
2. Empowering People and Communities through Sport
3. Aims & Objectives
4. Track Record
5. Footy 9s – Removing the Participation Barriers
6. Women & Girls
7. Name of the Game
8. Regional Managers
9. Promoting Australia
10. People-to-People Links
11. Major Games
12. Olympic Games

Albania Footy Argentina Footy Team Australia Footy

Botswana Footy Canada FootyChile Footy

Team Croatia Cuba Footy England Footy

Germany Footy Greek Footy Indian Footy

Indonesian Footy Ireland Footy Israel Footy

Italy Footy Lebanese Footy Macedonia Footy

Maltese Footy Mexican Footy Dutch Footy

Latvian Footy Lietuva Footy Mozambique Footy

Kiwi Footy Oromia Footy Poland Footy

Philippines Footy Samoa Footy South Africa Footy

South Sudan Footy Spain Footy Swiss Footy

Tonga Footy Turkey Footy Wales Footy

UN Footy Team Africa Footy Harmony Footy

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