Summer Footy

Summer Footy AFL

Australian Football International (AFI) is pleased to announce its Summer Footy program for 2019/2020.

No prior experience of the game is required, we will teach you how to play.

Please note all players who wish to take part in the Summer Footy program must register online.

Please click here to register.

Footy Training
Summer Footy Training commences on Sunday, 8 September 2019 at Gosch’s Paddock, Punt Road. Training will be held every Sunday from 10.30am to 12pm.

Training is open to all – you will receive excellent coaching with each session consisting of warm-up, fitness, skills and a game.

The ground is very easy to get to and the Richmond train station is close by. If you are driving there are plenty of parking spaces available nearby. Please find below a map of the venue.

If you are keen to represent your country, we also have a number of great events happening over Summer:
1. Harmony Cup (full contact)
2. World Cup (non-contact)

We look forward to seeing you at training!