About AFI


Australian Football International (AFI) was established in Melbourne to promote and develop Australian football internationally, with a focus on Footy 9s and junior development.

Our high profile board includes Ron Barassi (AFL legend), Allen Aylett (former head of the VFL) and Brian Dixon (former Victorian Minister of Sport).

Our major aim is to empower people and communities through sport, both in Australia and overseas.

Sport is fundamental to society, culture and economy. Participation in sport improves mental and physical health, enhances community well-being and contributes significantly to employment.

AFI is committed to using the sport of Australian Football to break down barriers between people of different cultures. It is also committed to using the inclusive and fitness aspects of the sport to help combat the growing rise of childhood obesity in many countries.

In regions such as Africa, AFI is a strong supporter of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were established by the United Nations. The SDGs aim to eradicate or reduce poverty, hunger, child mortality and disease, and to promote education, maternal health, gender equality, environmental sustainability and global partnerships.