World 9s


Australian Football International (AFI) is excited to announce that the inaugural World 9s will be held in Melbourne on Sunday 7 April, 2019. The event will be played under the rules of Footy 9s.

Competition Format

  • The tournament will be played on one day.
  • All matches are non-contact.
  • Matches will commence every 30 minutes to facilitate a carnival type atmosphere.
  • Each match will consist of 2 x 12 minute halves, plus 3 minutes for half-time.
  • Each team will play a minimum of 3 matches during the event, with the final number being determined once all entries have been received.
  • Each team will play in their national colours.
  • The top two teams will advance to the Grand Final. The winner shall be awarded the World 9s Trophy.
  • A World team shall be announced at the conclusion of the event.

Player Eligibility
There are two simple criteria for player eligibility – that a player was born in the country or has a parent or grandparent born in the country which he or she is representing. Each team will represent their country of origin and play in their national colours.

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