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Australian Football International (AFI) was established to grow and develop Australian football internationally, with a focus on Footy 9s and community development.

Our major aim is to empower people and communities through sport, both in Australia and internationally. Just some of AFI’s many achievements to date have included:

  • Creation of the AFL International Cup, Melbourne
  • Creation of the annual Euro Cup (9-a-side European championship)
  • Creation of the annual Harmony Cup, Melbourne
  • Creation of the World 9s, Melbourne
  • Creation of the AFI World Cup, Melbourne
  • Creation of the annual ANZAC Cup, France
  • Establishing the Aussie Rules Schools junior program in the UK
  • Establishing a senior National League in the UK, including teams from England & Wales
  • Introducing the game to Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya & Zimbabwe
  • Staging a demonstration match at the Africa Games, Mozambique
  • Staging a demonstration match at the TAFISA World Sport for All Games, Lithuania
  • Coordinating Australian Convicts tours to Europe, Africa, South America, Canada and the USA
  • Appointing full-time Development Officers in the Pacific through the Australian Youth Ambassadors (AYAD) program
  • Development of a pilot project for Latin American schools in Santiago, Chile
  • Creation of USA Footy, with all matches to be played on American Football fields