Social Inclusion AFL
Communities that Play Together, Are Together

There is growing evidence that strengthening the opportunity of children to play sport enhances their healthy physical, mental and social development and builds stronger communities.

Sport also serves as a tool to teach important values and life skills including self-confidence, teamwork, communication, inclusion, discipline, respect and fair play. Sport also has psychological benefits such as reducing depression and improving concentration.

Children who are regularly active are less susceptible to stress, perform as well or better academically, exhibit positive attitudes about school and themselves and are less aggressive and play better with other children.

There is an inverse relationship between organised sport involvement and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances. Encouraging youth to become involved with physical activity is an effective strategy to decrease drug use.

The above principles are fundamental to Australian Football International. We are keen to involve children from all backgrounds to ensure that they do not miss out on the immense benefits that sports such as Australian Football provide.