AFI Caribbean logoThere is great potential to grow and develop Australian Football in the Caribbean, but that potential will only be realised with the appointment of a full-time Regional Manager.

AFI’s plan is to seek funding to enable the appointment of a full-time Regional Manager. The funding will cover their wage, office space, travel expenses and resources such as footballs and jumpers.

The Regional Manager will be based in Trinidad & Tobago and will be appointed for 3 years, with a focus on growing the game in the Caribbean. A key part of their role will be to undertake Development Visits to new countries.

These Development Visits will be crucial in both creating awareness of the game and meeting key stakeholders such as government, corporate and local media. Typically they will involve the following activities:

  • Running coaching clinics in primary & secondary schools
  • Running coaching clinics in universities
  • Running accreditation courses for coaches and sports teachers
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders including government and media
  • Creating employment outcomes by the recruitment of development staff

AFI Caribbean will also organise two key annual events:

  • AFI Caribbean Championship – involving national teams from countries in the Caribbean
  • AFI Caribbean Combine – involving talented players from all over the Caribbean

Using sport as a powerful social tool, our aim is to make a positive difference to the health and well-being of both children and adults in the Caribbean. It is well known that sport provides a powerful focus for social development at the community level. We have an opportunity to not only develop the game in the Caribbean, but to also make a positive contribution to the lives of many.

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