The coach of an Australian Football club holds a dynamic, and vital position within that football club. They represent players, officials and supporters as the figurehead of the club.

The coach must be a leader. Continually analyzing, studying, planning and assessing the game as it develops, whilst being aware of the capabilities of his team. The coach must strive to bring out the best result possible for the group of players under his direction, and develop the team as both a group and as individuals.

At every level of football players are aware of the need to be fit, skilled and versatile. Players are expected to be able to adopt attacking and defensive roles regardless of the positions they play. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure the development of these attributes to a level equivalent to the age and ability of members of the team.

The coach must be able to communicate well with his team and create the correct environment for footballers to perform at their optimum level.

Team Rules

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