Australia and El Salvador enjoy warm relations based on people-to-people links.

In response to the civil war in El Salvador, between 1983 and 1986 Australia accepted around 10,000 Salvadorans under the Special Humanitarian Program. The Salvadoran community in Australia is estimated at close to 20,000. Australia is home to the third largest Salvadoran community living abroad.

Resident Australian population born in El Salvador (2016) – 9,500
Australian residents of Salvadoran descent (2016) – 8,700

Our aim is to work with the Salvadorean community to field a team in the AFI World Cup, an event which is held annually in Melbourne. The format of the World Cup is 9-a-side, mixed (men & women) and non-contact.

If you are of Salvadorean descent and keen to represent El Salvador, please join the Team El Salvador Facebook group.


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