Australian Football International (AFI) is pleased to announce that the inaugural Masters 9s will be held in Melbourne on Saturday 27 November, 2021.

The event follows on the success of the World 9s, which was held in Melbourne in February 2021. Please see the video below.

As with the World 9s, the Masters 9s forms part of our strategy to have Footy 9s included in the Olympic Games.

We are delighted to bring this exciting new version of the game to Masters Football. We look forward to seeing you at the inaugural Masters 9s!


Event Format

  • One day round robin tournament in Melbourne
  • 9-a-side (maximum of 15 players per squad)
  • 18 competing teams
  • 3 x Playing Fields
  • 3 Divisions – Men’s (35+), Men’s (47 and over) and Women’s (35 and over)
  • Matches will commence every 40 minutes to facilitate a carnival type atmosphere
  • Each match consists of 2 x 15 minute halves, plus 3 minutes for half-time
  • Each team will play a minimum of 3 matches during the event
  • 3 x Grand Finals – Men’s (35+), Men’s (47 and over) and Women’s (35 and over)