This page has been created as a Tournament FAQ for umpires officiating at the Masters 9s.

What is the date of the Masters 9s?
Saturday 27 November, 2021

Where is the venue?
Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club, Cnr. Middleborough & Canterbury Roads, Box Hill

What are the teams?
Men’s (35+) Division – Ascot Vale Panthers, Melton Panthers, Marcellin Bald Eagles, Beaconsfield Superules
Men’s (47 and over) Division – Ascot Vale Panthers, Melton Panthers, Brunswick Mudlarks, Marcellin Bald Eagles, Beaconsfield Superules, Melbourne Lions
Women’s (35 and over) Division – Melbourne Lions, Mooroolbark Mustangs, Blackburn 1, Blackburn 2, Box Hill North, Northside Lions

Where can I find the fixture?
Here it is!

What are the playing rules?
The playing rules for the Masters 9s can be found at
Please take the time to read them and understand them, it will make your day much more enjoyable!
Don’t worry, they are very easy to pick up. We will also have an umpire’s briefing at 9.30am on match day to go over the rules.

Is there parking?
Yes, parking is available at the venue.

What about public transport?
Train – the closest train stop is Laburnum, on the Belgrave/Lilydale line. However, it’s a good 15 minute walk to the ground from the train station.
Bus – both the 733 and 765 stop right next to the ground.

What do I need to bring?
There is a dedicated umpire’s room in the clubhouse. There is only one clubhouse at the venue, so its very easy to find. This is where we will meet on match day. A great place to change and also relax if you need to.

You can’t see any footy from the umpire’s room, so if you want to watch the footy whilst you are on a break, we suggest you bring your own folding camping chair to sit on. This is because there is no grandstand at the venue.

There is also a large embankment overlooking Field 1. This is a great space on which to sit and watch the footy when you are not umpiring, so please bring a blanket if you would prefer not to sit on the grass.

Don’t forget to also bring yourself, and a whistle! Current AFI umpires – please ensure you bring your existing AFI uniform (green shirt, black cap, black shorts & socks). For those of you who are new, we will provide umpiring uniforms to you.

Also, runners are recommended, but please bring your boots as this is Melbourne! On the subject of weather, you can find the weather forecast for Melbourne here.

If you are taking photos and posting on Instagram on the day, it would be great if you could include the hashtags #aflinternational and #masters9s. Thank you!

Who are the umpires?
Please find below the current list of umpires we have for the Masters 9s. We need all of you there on the day, so look forward to seeing you soon!

Field: John Natoli, Rupert van Dongen, Paul O’Loughlin, Laurie Girardo, Danny Fitzpatrick, Bruce Lister, Jack Ringland, Peter Leggett, Jim Walker, Soph Gleeson, Amy Lister, Frank Stokes , Mitchell Mckenzie, Di Phyland, Quinn Smyth
Goal: Dave Weatherhead, Robert Roscoe, Tony Levett, Shelly Thomas, Bryan Crowe

Is there a roster?
Paul O’Loughlin has kindly offered to assist with putting the umpire’s roster together. This will be done soon and sent out to you.
From experience the roster will evolve during the day – to account for people who need a break, might need to leave early etc. But everyone will get plenty of games and the chance to rest as well.

How much fun is it going to be?
Heaps! See you soon 🙂