American Samoa Map
American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of the Independent State of Samoa (formerly known as Western Samoa). The main (largest and most populous) island is Tutuila. American Samoa is the southernmost territory of the United States.

American Samoa is part of the Samoan Islands chain, located west of the Cook Islands, north of Tonga, and some 500 km south of Tokelau. To the west are the islands of the Wallis and Futuna group.

Its total land area is 197.1 km2 – slightly larger than Washington, D.C. – consisting of 5 rugged, volcanic islands and two coral atolls. The 5 volcanic islands are: Tutuila, Aunu’u, Ofu, Olosega, Tau. The coral atolls are: Swains, and Rose Atoll. Of the seven islands, Rose Atoll is an uninhabited Marine National Monument.

Tuna and tuna products are the main exports, and the main trading partner is the United States.