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Australian Football International (AFI) has been established as a body to develop the game of Australian Football internationally, with particular focus on Footy 9s and community programs. We aim to empower people and communities through sport and work with stakeholders to grow Australia’s indigenous game and showcase Australian culture. Key AFI aims and objectives include:

  • Promotion of people-to-people links and the showcase of Australian culture and enterprise.
  • Development of sustainable locally driven participation models that provide opportunity for all.
  • Inclusion of Footy 9s in school curriculums at both primary and secondary levels.
  • Establishing sustainable governance and management structures capable of supporting growth.
  • Ensuring inclusion of women and girls by providing no barriers to entry and female competitions.
  • Establishment of Footy 9s as a recognised sport in countries of operation.

AFI personnel have delivered programs for over 20 years in the international market. Our partners can be sure we can meet program objectives as we have:

A proven track record delivering development programs and events internationally, including:

  • Over 10,000 students participating in our Aussie Rules Schools program in the UK.
  • Inclusion of Footy 9s as a demonstration sport in the 2011 African Games.
  • Team Africa development visits to South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya and Botswana.
  • Establishment of the annual 9-a-side European Championship (EU Cup).
  • Implementation of the Aussie Rules Schools program in Santiago, Chile.

Established innovative forms of delivering the game utilising existing local infrastructure.

  • Traditional 18-a-side game provides barriers to entry due to field size and infrastructure required.
  • AFI has developed modified versions of the game (Footy 9s and Fast Footy) to enable the use of existing infrastructure. This includes Soccer, Rugby and American Football fields, as well as indoor courts and open spaces.
  • All we need is a football and eager participants to deliver our programs.

A comprehensive service delivery tailored to local communities with sustainable outcomes.

  • Our programs include Aussie Rules Schools for primary and secondary students.
  • AFI also runs junior and senior competitive leagues, social competitions and local, national and regional events, with emphasis on providing a pathway for players to represent their country.
  • All of our programs can be themed to communicate specific educational outcomes.
  • Our Coaching and Umpiring Accreditation course ensures teachers, sports coaches and other stakeholders in the community have the ability to implement Footy 9s programs and competitions after we leave.