AFI Strategic Plan logo

AFI’s aims and objectives include:

  • Promotion of people-to-people links and the showcase of Australian culture and enterprise.
  • Development of sustainable locally driven participation models that provide opportunity for all.
  • Establishment of Footy 9s as a recognised sport in countries of operation.
  • Inclusion of Footy 9s in school curriculums at primary and secondary level.
  • Establishing sustainable governance and management structures capable of supporting growth.
  • Ensuring inclusion of women and girls by providing no barriers to entry and female competitions.
  • Innovative delivery of the game through tailored versions to minimise barriers to entry.
  • Providing junior players with the opportunity to compete in competitions at school and club level.
  • Establishment of national teams (men & women) to compete in matches against other countries.
  • Establishment of scholarships for talented players to play in Australia.
  • Inclusion of Footy 9s in major multi-sport games and festivals.

AFI has a team of capable and driven professionals who are passionate and work with stakeholders to showcase Australia and the game of Australian Football to the international market. The key driver of our development programs is to ensure that a local skills legacy remains within communities and they are capable of continuing their programs and competitions in AFI’s absence.