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This page has been created as a Tournament FAQ for players and officials participating in the 2022 Touch Footy World Cup.

What is the date of the tournament?
Sunday 3 April, 2022. The tournament will start at 10.00am and be finished by 4.00pm at the latest.

Where is the venue?
Fawkner Park, South Yarra. The ground is located directly opposite the Alfred Hospital, on Commercial Road.
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Who are the teams?
The 7 confirmed teams are Brazil, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Switzerland and Wales.
We are still trying to get one more team. If we don’t get one more team, the two Divisions will be structured:
Division 1 – 4 teams
Division 2 – 3 teams

What is the format?
The format is 9-a-side, mixed (men & women) and non-contact. All matches will be played on soccer fields.

What is the fixture?
Coming soon! We will know by next week if we have 8 teams. If we have 8 teams there will be 4 teams in each Division.
Matches will kick off at 10am, with each team playing a minimum of 3 matches.
The day will also feature the Fastest, Strongest, Longest competition, which is always a lot of fun!
We will also have a professional photographer taking photos throughout the day, and a professional videographer conducting player interviews for each of the competing teams.

Grand Finals
There will be 2 Grand Finals – one for Division 2 and one for Division 1.

What is the Fastest, Strongest, Longest (FSL) competition?
Before the grand finals, we will break for the FSL competitions.

Each team must supply a player to compete in all 3 competitions. To clarify, each team will nominate 1 player per competition, so that means you will nominate 3 players.

Fastest Comp: 100m sprint, first person over the line wins. The winner receives a Flash jumper.
Longest Comp: Each player has 2 kicks, longest kick wins. The winner receives a Spiderman jumper.
Strongest Comp: Push-ups, last person standing wins. The winner receives a Superman jumper.

What are the playing rules?
The playing rules can be found at
Please take the time to read them and understand them, it will make your day much more enjoyable!

Is there parking?
There is no parking allowed inside Fawkner Park, so all parking is outside the ground.

What about public transport?
Tram – the closest tram stop is Stop 26 on the number 72 tram.

Are there changerooms?
Yes, we have access to changerooms in the Southern Pavilion at Fawkner Park. The Pavilion is right next to the playing field and also has toilets and showers.

What do I need to bring?
There is no grandstand or seating at the venue. As a result, we suggest you bring your own folding camping chair to sit on during the day. Please also bring a hat and sunscreen, or umbrella, depending on the weather.

Team Marquees
It is highly recommended that your team brings a team marquee, as they will provide much needed shade on the day.

Regarding the size, you can bring a 3m x 3m, or you can bring two of these, or you can bring a 6m by 3m, for example. The size of the marquee is up to you.

Is there food & drink on sale?
No, please bring your own food and drinks.

If you are taking photos and posting on Instagram on the day, it would be great if you could include the hashtags #aflinternational and #touchfootyworldcup. Thank you!