Harmony Cup logo

The Harmony Cup features teams drawn from Melbourne’s many communities. The aim of the event is twofold:

1. to celebrate Melbourne’s multicultural diversity and harmony, and
2. use the power of sport to break down cultural and ethnic barriers. We may come from many different backgrounds but we are all Australians.

The Harmony Cup is an official Harmony Day event.


The Harmony Cup will be returning to Melbourne on 28 February 2021. The venue is Glen Orden Sports Club, Kookaburra Avenue, Werribee.

The competing teams are Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Ireland, New Zealand and Druze Victoria.

Round 1
10.00am Ireland v New Zealand
10.40am Greece v Druze Victoria
11.20am Italy v Macedonia

Round 2
12.00pm Ireland v Greece
12.40pm New Zealand v Macedonia
1.20pm Italy v Druze Victoria
2.00pm Women’s match – New Zealand v Eastern Devils

Round 3
2.50pm Greece v Macedonia
3.30pm Ireland v Italy
4.10pm New Zealand v Druze Victoria

Previous Results
2020 – Italy
2019 – Australia
2018 – Ireland
2017 – Italy
2016 – Ireland
2015 – Lebanon
2014 – Lebanon
2013 – Australia
2012 – Albania
2011 – Lebanon
2010 – Lebanon
2005 – Greece
2004 – Israel